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Rental agreement

1. Reservation and cancellation terms

1.1 Check-in is from 3:00 p.m. The accommodation unit must be vacated by 11:00 am and left in the same state of cleanliness as on your arrival, dishes done.

1.2 The stay is payable at 100% at the time of booking.

1.3 A security deposit of $ 300 is required within two days of the date of occupancy. This security deposit may be used to compensate Au-delà du boulot for any damage caused by the Tenant to the rented premises. This security deposit will be refunded one to two days following the end of the stay. It may take a week for the credit to appear on your credit card statement.

1.4 In the event of cancellation by the Tenant, if the cancellation is made at least 30 days in advance, a fixed fee of $ 30 + taxes will be charged. If the cancellation notice is received between 15 and 30 days before the occupancy date, the Tenant will be reimbursed at 75%. In the event of cancellation less than 15 days before the date of the stay, no refund will be granted.

2. Responsibility beyond the contract and the tenant

2.1 Au-delà du boulot is committed to providing dishes, kitchen accessories, dish towels, portable cooking stove, bbq, hand and dish soap and bedding. The following items are not included: body soap, shampoo, bathrobe, towels, hair dryer. If you have booked the chalet l’hÊtre or la Luciole, you must bring your cooler as the chalet does not have a refrigerator. However, a shared refrigerator is available at our sanitary block a 2-minute walk away. Firewood for the indoor wood stove is provided from October to May. The Tenant must bring his wood for the outside firepit or buy some wood on site

2.2 Au-delà du boulot offers tourist accommodation and various activities in a natural and semi-natural environment which may be hilly in places. Although we pay close attention to the safety of our customers and make the site as secure as possible, there are several risks associated with practicing activities on the site. Au-delà du boulot cannot be held responsible for any accident, injury or illness that may occur to the Tenant or his guests during the stay such as :

  • Injuries due to falls or other movements (sprain, strain, fracture, etc.);
  • Injuries with a blunt or sharp object (branches, rocks, activity equipment, material, etc.);
  • Cold or hypothermia;
  • Contact with water or drowning (during an aquatic activity or near a stream)
  • Burns and / or disorders due to heat or smoke

By accepting this reservation, the Tenant and his guests accept the risks associated with their stay.

Au-delà du boulot cannot be held responsible for the theft or loss of the Tenant‘s or his guests’ property during the stay. Au-delà du boulot will not grant any refund or credit note to the Tenant for early departures or late arrivals or due to problems due to the vagaries of the weather, outside noise that he cannot control as well as any interruption. unforeseen electricity services that would occur during the stay.

2.3 The Tenant agrees to notify Au-delà du boulot if he or one of his guests :

  • Has experienced symptoms of Covid-19 during their visit or in the past 14 days;
  • Has been in contact with someone who had Covid-19 in the past 14 days, lives with someone who is experiencing symptoms, is awaiting a test result for the disease, or has returned from a trip outside the country;
  • Contracts Covid-19 within 14 days of visiting.

2.4 The Tenant authorizes Au-delà du boulot to provide all the necessary first aid and to make the decision in the event of an accident to transport him (or to transport one of his guests if necessary) (by ambulance, ATV, toboggan or otherwise) in a hospital establishment, all, if applicable, at its own expense.

3. Rental conditions and regulations

3.1 To maintain the tranquility of the premises, it is requested to reduce the noise level as much as possible between 9 p.m. and 10 a.m. and to ensure that your music can only be heard at your location. Loud parties are not accepted on the site. If we receive a noise complaint in violation of the above noise policy, this misconduct could result in the loss of the security deposit and the abrupt termination of the stay without compensation.

3.2 Electricity is supplied by a battery in the accomodation so it is only possible to plug in small devices like a cell phone and a tablet. You CANNOT connect a toaster, coffee maker, raclette oven and dryer in the chalet. The Tenant is responsible for material damage occurring in or to the rented unit during the rental period, for any reason whatsoever caused by himself or one of his guests, directly or indirectly. He is held responsible for the actions of any other person on the leased premises. He must notify Au-delà du boulot of any breakage or damage caused during his stay, as well as any defects noted during the rental period.

3.3 It is not allowed to circulate in the accommodation unit and the sanitary block with boots and shoes. Post-stay cleaning is included in the rental fee but an additional charge of $ 50 will apply in the event the property is left in a particularly messy situation. Example: Dirty dishes, uncleaned BBQ, garbage left scattered around the chalet, very dirty floors, etc. Recycling, waste bags and the chalet key must be left in the chalet when you leave.

3.4 Animals are strictly prohibited on the site and in the accomodations.

3.5 Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the accomodation. In the event that you smoke in the chalet, the security deposit will be retained. In addition, if you smoke outside, your cigarette ends should be thrown into the outdoor fireplace or the ashtray provided for this purpose.

3.6 Use of the BBQ is permitted, please simply close the propane tank after each use.

3.7 Outdoor fires must be made in the outdoor fireplace located next to the chalet and provided for this purpose. It is strictly forbidden to make fireworks.

4. Non-compliance with the contract

4.1 Failure to comply with the conditions listed in this contract by the Tenant or his guests, may cause the termination of this contract by Au-delà du boulot and cause the eviction of all occupants, without any compensation or reimbursement.

5. Consent

5.1 The Tenant declares having read and understood the content of this rental agreement and is satisfied with it. He declares to release Au-delà du boulot of any responsibility in the event of accidents of any nature that it is related to the practice of an activity on the site and the hiring of an accommodation and ensures to waive any action against him.